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A report from the National Drug Intelligence estimated that the cost to society for drug use was

a substantial portion of which was associated with drug related crime.

including criminal justice system costs and costs borne by victims of crime The same report showed that the cost of tr

Proportionof prison drug tests passed Information on the proportion of prison drug tests passed was included in the dat



all Some participants
cent had not yet taken a drugs test and they were coded.

passed all drug tests as they had not failed a drug test was the highest mode .

The analysis of survey data from HM Inspectorate of Prisons by the thinktank Reform found that the proportion of inmates who reported developing a drug problem in prison. points .

Background Remarkably little is known about drug use during imprisonment including whether it represents a continuation of pre incarceration drug use
or whether prison is also a setting for drug use initiation. This paper aims to describe drug use among people in prison in Norway and investigate risk factors associated with in prison drug .

A recent review article in the European Journal of Criminology summarized its findings by the following observation „

but this depends on specific combinations of contexts

mechanisms and .

This study

essentially an extension of the recent work of Akers et al

represents an attempt to evaluate the utility of two theoretical paradigms in accounting for illicit drug use in a prison setting. Based on self‐report data obtained from a sample adult felons who were confined in a medium security penitentiary.

the analysis presented

The exclusion of criminal activities in means that stress no longer predicts drug use.

while women’s routine activities become significantly and positively related to drug use in months when women go ou

they are four times more likely to use drugs odds ratio


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A report from the National Drug Intelligence Center 14 estimated that the cost to society for drug use was
a substantial portion of which was associated with drug related crime

including criminal justice system costs and costs borne by victims of crime

Cultural narratives about illegal drug use typically portray those who use them as being solely consumed by the drug Fur
1999 Tales of mothers who abandon their children for crack
children who steal from their parents to buy meth
or women who sell sex for heroin are prevalent in stories about those who use drugs e g

Foreword This is of my independent review for government

setting out a way forward on drug treatment and recovery. laid bare the extent of the illicit drugs market in the UK.

worth .

Women s drug use is believed to be a defining factor in their participation in crime and it is argued that the severity of women s drug use is more closely related to their criminality than it is for men.

particularly for prostitution and property crime.Women s drug use and offending are different from men s. For instance.


Prisoners have significantly greater levels of drug use than the general population
which is related to many adverse outcomes both during and post imprisonment. Reducing the availability of drugs in prison can lead to a reduction in the drug use of prisoners but requires knowledge of the different drug smuggling routes and the .

People in prison are some of the most vulnerable people in society and often come from disadvantaged backgrounds People

mental health disorders.

chronic physical disease

communicable disease.

tobacco smoking.

high risk alcohol consumption.

and .


This paper investigates the frequency of intravenous drug use in a cohort of people who inject drugs
and the decline in use over time It provides an important indication of the effectiveness of current interventions at

Drugs of abuse are often confiscated in this setting via cell


or visitor searches performed by prison officers some countries

such as the United Kingdom.

the United States

and Canada

the use of sniffer dogs has also been reported for detection of as well as SCs 25

due to the ever changing nature of the NPS

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